Hi, I’m Coach Connie! I am very passionate about nutrition and fitness. I am actively involved in furthering my education with online classes, and keeping up to date with changes that reflect on your complete wellness.
My past experience as a health coach has broadened my horizons on helping others attain their healthy and vibrant lifestyle. I have certifications in child, family, and sports nutrition. I have specialized in diet & weight loss management with emphasis in health & fitness. I enjoy hiking, dancing, running, boot camp classes and learning new ways to exercise for a complete & fun workout. I love trying new recipes, and finding new food choices that will benefit a longer and fulfilling life.
I started my own personal journey about 5 years ago by changing my habits and attaining a life that I knew I could maintain not only for me, but for my family. I developed a plan that has transitioned me to make better food choices while maintaining portion control that is incorporated with exercise that is maintainable by adding in small changes to your daily routine. I became a happier, healthier, motivated, and energetic new me that I never knew was there until I developed this wellness program. I now enjoy life to the fullest and want to share my successful path with others so they can achieve weight loss by simple life changes that last a lifetime.
I thrive on challenges and live for the thrill & energy that empowers my drive every day. I want to pass on my inspiration to attain a fit and healthy life for all of you. Creating a balance is the key to complete wellness.
Come with me on this journey and feel amazing so you can enjoy a better life with family, relationships and have a home/work balance that gives you the happiness to finally feel like you have conquered everything you have set out to do in life.

In Health,
Coach Connie